Submission Process

A. ELECTRONIC Submission on the HiREB Website:

  • – A user manual for the electronic system is found on the website, under ‘Forms and Downloads’
  • – In the upper right corner of the website, click ‘online submission’
  • – Create an account and follow the guidelines to initiate your project

B. SUPPORTING Documents:

    Supporting documents should include, at minimum, the application, a proposal, and the ethics training certification of the Local Principal Investigator (LPI), along with the appropriate signatures:

  • – Application
  • – Proposal or study outline
  • – LPI’s ethics training certificate or certificate number
    Optional documents if required for your project:

  • – Consent
  • – Study instruments (eg. survey, questionnaire)
  • – Approval from another REB
  • – Documents translated to another language
  • – Any other documents pertinent to your project
    C. Timelines

      There is no deadline for submission. In some cases an application may be referred to the HiREB. The approval process generally takes 4-5 weeks.

      For enquiries, please contact the Research Ethics Officer, Janice Sancan
      905-521-2100 x 44574